A Challenge To Myself

One of my biggest problems that has frustrated me for years is that I have too many things I want to do.

I wanted to go to America and write books, act in a major commercial film, get a green card, be a dog trainer and a reputable breeder + rescuer, become a tattoo apprentice and a portrait photographer, move to Colorado and take part in dog mushing, later have a mini farm while being a part-time student to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree! (Of course I have too many majors in my mind I want to deep dive.)

There was one issue with this idea: it just seemed so… impossible. I’ve never seen a person who has eight jobs at the same time and be successful in every single field. Also, I’m a horrible multitasker, and where would possibly the money come from? I’m young, unemployed, and not even an American citizen! All these thoughts made me double-doubt my ambitious life plan.

Then, followed by a series of unfortunate events (literally), I soon learned a lesson: I’ll never know until I try.

That’s the reason I created this blog. To try. And to record my progress. Wait, I’ll say it again in the cool italic font. To record.

I want you to follow my journey and watch me stumble, make mistakes, and fail miserably. I want you to be my reader, a guardian angel that sometimes kicks my butt if I slack off. And, you know, be inspired! Or say, I’ll do better than her. Go do things you considered impossible.

Because, you’ll never know until you try.